Online Physics Tools

Make sure you have an account and can log in to the following sites and write down all your usernames and passwords on the Online Physics sheet you copied from the board the second day of class. – Sign in with the account you have already created for another class or create a new account, follow the directions at the site, Hillgrove’s info is posted on the board in class. Join my Physics class by clicking the “Join Class” link below your avatar. – Please do not try to create your own account, I have already made this one for you…just sign in. Go to and enter your username which is your first name then last name followed by 429 (mine is caseyjones429). Notice it is all lowercase with no spaces, accents, or hyphens. Your password is hawks. You may want to change your password in your account settings.


The following are some sites we will use (or you may want to use on your own to help you learn physics.)

The Physics Classroom – this a great site that has lots of material geared directly towards our Conceptual Physics model.

pHet Simulations – This site provides many interactive simulations for various Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts.

Flipping Physics – This is a collection of videos by a former physics professor. They are fairly entertaining and quite good in explaining many physics concepts. I may assign these from time to time prior to starting a topic…hence the “Flipping” Physics.

Khan Academy – Short video lessons over most of math and a good bit of physics. Plus a whole lot more!

Hyperphysics – A wealth of information produced by Dr. Nave, one of Mr. Teter’s professors from Georgia State. Much of it is beyond what we will be able to do in this class, so many of you will like it to answer some of the questions that we cannot address in our class.